Waterbath for use with IEC Hotplates

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A useful Water Bath that is powered by an IEC Hot Plate (PLEASE NOTE: Hot Plate is not included). Test tube stands can fit so biological work is low cost and convenient. The ends of the bath slide down to rest on the work bench for a stable support but also slide up to provide the smallest size for storage. The bath can be used also as a dry oven. A Thermostat Control (44WBHPT) fits to the edge of the bath to control the Hot Plate so the water temperature is held constant. This control is purchased separately. For an approximate temperature control, the careful adjustment of the heat regulator of the Hot Plate can keep the water bath reasonably steady but not as regulated and accurate as with the Thermostat Control.

Bath internal: 260x180x125 LxWxD  Weight: 2.2kg

Instruction Sheet