Thermostat Controller for IEC Hotplate Waterbath

$265.00 excl. GST

Cat. No. 44WBHPT Category:


This Thermostat Control fits to the edge of the IEC Water Bath (Cat. 44WBHP) to control the Hot Plate so the water temperature in the Water Bath is held constant. This control is purchased separately from the Bath. The thermostat element slides down to the inner corner of the bath so that it is submerged when only a small volume of water is used.     The bath can be used also as a dry oven. The Temperature Controller can maintain a set temperature in the bath either wet or dry and, when dry, to avoid overheating it is best that the probe presses against the inside face of the bath so it checks the temperature of the metal bath itself.For an approximate temperature control, the careful adjustment of the heat regulator of the Hot Plate can keep the water bath reasonably steady but not as regulated and accurate as the Thermostat unit.

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