uHandy Basic, Mobile Microscope for Smartphone & Tablet

$175.00 excl. GST

Cat. No. 44UH Category:


uHandy Educational is a Bioscience tool designed for children and anyone interested in exploring the microscopic world (so adults, do let the kids have a turn!). It turns smartphones and tablets into mobile microscopes. With uHandy Educational, kids can now explore the micro-world with ease. Take a tiny journey with your kids and you will discover the science secretly hidden in daily life. The uHandy Basic consists of:

Kit Contents: High magnification lens, uHandy Stage, uHandy Slide, Sticker Booklet (incl. 3 samples & 108 uHandy Stickers), Quick Start Guide.


Combined with the camera on every mobile device, uHandy takes away all the detailed focusing steps of traditional microscopes and makes the microscopic world immediately accessible and attractive.
Uhandy is also useful in the hands of students on field trips or for teachers who want to demonstrate slides to the class via their mobile devices with the optional uHandy Standard Slide Holder (Cat. 44UHSH). Supports most smartphones/tablets and can interface with Multimedia Projectors and Apple TV’s for the immediate demonstration of a slide to students.

With the re-adhering stickers, you can collect samples everywhere. Simply attach the objects that interest you onto the light and safe uHandy slide. From now on, kids can play AND learn from daily life. Collect all your sticker samples in the sample-collecting book and put some notes or sketches on it. Imagine an exploration diary with microscopic collectable memories in it!

Optical features:

Optical lens: Single lens.

Resolution: Up to 1um (500 line pair/mm) Depends on smart-devices, e.g., iPhone 5s for 1.5um.

Field of view (FOV): 1mm in diameter.

Magnification rate: FOV comparable to 200X microscope. Screen magnification rate depends on smart-devices, e.g., Apple iPad mini is in the range of 65X-300X(Zoom in/out).

See uHandy Duet Cat No. 44UHD for video clip Tutorial (note that Duet includes the uHandy Basic high resolution lens PLUS  the uHandy Lite low magnification lens).