Stroboscope Super Xenon Digital Model Xe

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This well-known IEC model ‘XE’ Xenon Stroboscope has been used in the classroom and in industry for many years. The large bright 150mmD reflector throws a very bright light on the sublet and it can be used even when background lighting is bright. The pivoting carry handle can be used also as a tilt support. Frequency can be adjusted from 1.0Hz to 300Hz and the digital display can indicate either in flashes per second (Hz) or in RPM. The flash can be triggered from an external source and can be synchronised with mains frequency. The model ‘XEH’ permits the connection of a remote flash torch (PA3812-004) or a flash head with 150mmD reflector (PA3812-003). Powered from 220/240V.AC.mains.

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