SKY-Z Standard Wind Education Kit – Intermediate (AC)

$160.00 excl. GST

Miniature Wind Turbine with AC to DC Power rectification system

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Explore wind energy in this compact, innovative turbine design. Its features include six 8″ blades within a six-blade hub with pitch angles, as well as four coils and four magnets to build and customize the generator. This turbine creates alternating current power with the ability to rectify your power to direct current. The built-in LED light helps to indicate the generated power. Other customizable features include different blade sizes and a six-blade hub that allows for limitless experimentation.

  • Pitch built into the Hub
  • DIY Generator with Magnets and Coils that must be built
  • Upgrades to include more size blades and also make your own to test!
  • Creates up to 1W of Power

Four types of rectification experiments are included.

  • 6 8″ blades
  • 6 Blade Hub
  • PWH1 only has a 3 blade hub and 3 8″ blades

Weight: 1.3KG
Blade to floor: 650mm
Nose to floor: 450mm
Base: 160mm