Simplified Collecting Sphere Assembly Kit, Pair, for 42EHVG *** STOCKTAKE SALE ***

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This DIY Kit makes two economical collecting spheres (Plastic hemisphere covered with Aluminum foil). The kit consists of 7 components that are assembled to create a collecting sphere. Components include: collecting spheres with base, leads with lugs, screws and nuts for electrodes, rubber pads, aluminum tape and foil.By sticking strips of moisture-resistant paper on top of the sphere, students can observe the paper strips levitating when turning the handle. Use this product along with Cat. 42EHVG Electrostatic Genecon for a great demonstration of electrostatic electricity!

Kit Contents:

  • Plastic hemisphere with prop : 2 pcs
  • Plastic hemisphere without prop : 2 pcs
  • Cable : Red & Black 1 each
  • Screw (3mmD) & nut 2pcs
  • Rubber foot : 8 pcs
  • Aluminium foil :2 pcs

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