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This sensor is ideal for investigation gas laws.

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This sensor is ideal for investigation gas laws. It measures absolute pressure so that in a normal room environment it will measure the atmospheric pressure which is approximately 100kPa. It can therefore measure both a vacuum and higher pressures. When used with the Volume sensor it is easy to investigate the relationship between pressure and volume. We can supply other pressure sensors which will measure far higher pressures (0 to 700 KPa and -110 to 700 KPa), contact the sales team for more details.Logger compatibility: ScienceScope Type 2 (See ScienceScope website for details) range 0 to 200 kPa resolution 1 kPa maximum recording frequency with Datadisc is 10 milliseconds Sensor ResourcesVolume, Pressure and pH sensor.pdfDerived Sensors: Inverse pressure Typical Investigations: Gas law