Pyroneg Glasswash Powder 3kg

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Pyrogenic negative powder cleaner specially designed for cleaning laboratory glassware in biological laboratories in the fields of bacteriology, virology, blood transfusion, pharmaceutical, botany, zoology, haematology, chemistry and medicine. Also suited for the cleaning of surgical instruments, syringes and needles in operating theatres and surgical departments of hospitals


  • A light granular, non-dusting compound. Colour coded in deep pink for unmistakable identification, cannot be confused with food or medicinal items. Non-caking under normal storage
  • Pyrogen-free: Blended only with pyrogen free ingredients FOR UTMOST SAFETY
  • Cleaning: The penetrating and cleaning powers of Pyroneg are such that it will rapidly and completely remove the type of contamination met in laboratories and hospitals, therefore reducing the need for brushing and special treatment

Specs & Application Instructions:

  • Special laboratory and instrument detergent
  • 2–3g per litre of warm (40-50oC) water
  • Colour: Pink granular powder