Power Supply 2-12V AC/DC 5Amp

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General purpose, student, 2-12V AC/DC 5 amp.


Output: Selected by switch to 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 V.AC/DC
• Safer: Instant overload cut-off based on amperage, not
heat, at 5.5Amp with switch trip. Reset immediately
if required by flick switch. Additional protection with
FUSE. Intrusion resistant vents.
• P.A.T. tested (N.Z.)
• Current: 5 Amps AC/DC.
• DC output is full wave rectified and unfiltered.
• Terminals: spin-free 4mmm sockets.
Our most popular student power supply, this general purpose power supply for classroom electrical work where regulation and smoothing is not required.
Excellent for Hodson Light Box and general use. Can be used for simultaneous AC & DC output but unit will cut out at approximately 5.5amp under all circumstances for maximum safety.