Platinum Universal Flat TV Wall Mount

$121.60 excl. GST

The Aeon BU85751 is a heavy-duty large low-profile bracket. Designed for easy installation, this universal mounting pattern heavy duty bracket is perfect for displays in between 40″ and 85″. Watch your favorite film or show it with your display as close to the wall as possible. BU85751 allows you to place your display as close as 25mm from the wall. This is the ideal solution for installing large displays on your wall as the weight can be distributed across two studs whilst getting your display as close to the wall as possible.

The mounting hardware is supplied with the Aeon BU85751, which is designed for easy installation.


Note: Always check the mounting size and the weight of the TV when selecting a bracket.

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Standout Features:

– Integrated level for correct mounting

– Vertical max: 500mm, Horizontal max: 800mm

– Low Profile- 25mm from wall

– Max Screen Weight: 75KG

– Designed to mount across standard NZ stud pattern

– Lockable for safety/security

– Designed for easy installation

– Supplied with mounting hardware

– Universal Mounting Pattern (Vesa Standard)