Orbit Tellurium 2

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A fully revised, easy-to-use illuminated teaching model of the Sun, Earth and Moon. Easily demonstrate night and day, the seasons, phases of the Moon and eclipses. With this robust and flexible model you can:

• Instantly engage pupils and illustrate complex relationships more easily. Switch between the large and small Earth and Moon set-up to explain different topics.
• Use the geared operation to show the Earth orbiting the Sun, the moon orbiting the Earth and the Earth spinning on its axis at the same time.
• Teach with manual control of the earth and moon orbits to demonstrate specific events.
• Benefit from superior design and gearing to achieve more accurate demonstrations.
• Shine the powerful light from the sun onto the large Earth to model night and day, the seasons, eclipses and create visible shadows.
• Demonstrate the phases of the moon and frequency of solar and lunar eclipses.
• Explain complex topics easily with the teacher guide, date/season indicator and phase of the moon dial.

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