Light Sensor Advanced- Fast & Slow

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ScienceScope produce 2 different Light Sensors:Light – Advanced which has 2 ranges, fast and slow, & is described below. Light – General Purpose – 44S1074. Our light sensors use a logarithmic response to measure accurately from very low light levels (less than 1 lux) to full sunlight. Logger compatibility: ScienceScope Type 1 (See ScienceScope website for details) both ranges measure from 0-110,000lux. both ranges resolution better than ±1.5% of reading “Fast” light sensor range, for physics investigations. This range has rapid response time, suitable for measuring e.g. fluctuations in light output from a mains-powered lamp. Maximum recording frequency with Datadisc is 50 microseconds. “Slow” light sensor range, for general use. This range has a slow response to light changes which makes it ideal for measuring ambient light levels without interference from the flicker of mains powered lamp, suitable for measuring changes in turbidity of a yeast culture, for example. Maximum recording frequency with Datadisc is 1 second Typical Investigations:
Photosynthesis Chemiluminescence of Luminol Sodium Thiosulphate and hydrochloric acid