Lamp Microscope 240V25W Blue Tint Window

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The Microscope Lamps are general purpose illuminators used for microscope or other laboratory work. This sheet covers both models of mains operated lamps. Normally the microscope lamp is used on the bench to top illuminate subjects under the microscope or to provide illumination into the mirror below the microscope stage. The black, heat resisting, non-metallic, ventilated housing operates warm but cannot burn fingers. The lamp housing is designed to permit the passage of air to flow in through hidden slots in the underside and out through hidden slots in the upper  surface. Air can pass but it does not permit the escape of light. The housing pivots on the simple stand so that the light beam can be pointed in any direction. The stand also assists to hold the two halves of the microscope housing together. Mains cable is 1m long and fitted with a 2 pin plug.

Instruction Sheet