Energy Conversion Genecon Kit *** STOCKTAKE SALE ***

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As the GENECON is an established product for teaching general electricity to students, this kit has specially been compiled for “experiments on energy conversion” for your convenience. The set comes with a carrying pouch for convenient portability and includes experiment instructions.

Recommended experiments with the set:

  1. Comparison of the consumption between parallel and series connection of miniature bulbs.
  2. Conversion of the potential energy to the electric energy.
  3. Comparison of the energy conversion efficiency.
  4. Confirmation of Gravitational potential energy and mass.
  5. Comparison of the work between a lifting and a falling weight.And others…

Kit Contents:

  • x1 Genecon DUE
  • x1 Genecon DUE with Pulley
  • x1 Genecon Holder (8mm Diameter)
  • x1 Series miniature bulb base
  • x1 Parallel miniature bulb base
  • x4 Miniature bulbs 3.8V 0.3A
  • x1 String, 2mx1 Carrying pouch.