diji Burette 50 +/- 0.05ml, A-Grade

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This new ‘tapless’ magnetic burette from the makers of diji operates by positive displacement of the seal (or ‘dart’) within the burette thereby eliminating a lot of the drawbacks of traditional burettes and introducing a host of new benefits! Filling and dispensing from the burette are by means of an internal teflon dart and an external doughnut-shaped magnet which renders superior control.

Positive Displacement means…

  • operation and accuracy are maintained with viscous and evaporative fluids
  • filling from the bottom eliminates dangerous top filling
  • easier, safer, faster preconditioning to commercial standards
  • easy preconditioning facilitates immediate reuse with another chemical thereby reducing washing
  • fluid isolation from the atmosphere reduces drift
  • condition of glass wall does not affect volumetric accuracy
  • bubbles in burette have no effect on accuracy
  • use of a stand is OPTIONAL!

No Tap means…

  • blockages are eliminated and no tap-associated cleaning and breakages
  • durability and longer life with lower replacement costs
  • no tap adjustments required to stop leaks

Red Line Reading means…

  • greatly reduced parallax error
  • improved precision
  • easy reading of dark fluids

PTFE jet means…

  • elimination of breakages and blockages as seen in glass burette tips
  • hydrophobic PTFE maintains ability to dispense small drop sizes to 0.01ml

Simple Barrel Body means…

  • cost of a burette breakage is greatly reduced because only the simple (& less costly) barrel needs replacing (the dart is transferable)
  • much easier and faster to clean

Plastic Protection of both ends of the burette barrel means…

  • increased durability, lower costs

Sliding seal means…

  • more responsive and easier to operate than a tap

Ergonomic design means

  • diji Burette can be easily used as a highly accurate pipette for freehand titrations (without a stand).
  • versatility – can be used for a wide variety of liquid handling operations
  • more progress per lesson
  • less equipment usage
  • better student outcomes

PTFE Materials mean…

  • the internal dart is unaffected by chemicals.

Clean Storage means…dust and atmospheric contaminants are isolated from internal glass walls of the burette tube.

Schott borosilicate Duran glass means…durability!

The DIJI Burette – Demonstration