diji 25ml A-Grade, Standard

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Junior and senior high schools & universities find that diji makes liquid-handling easier and more accurate for students!
Why use diji:

Replaces pipette + bulb and reduces leaks.
Screw pipette attachment prevents injuries caused by breaking glass pipettes while pushing them into fillers.
Trouble free fluid transfer and titrating.
Greater precision is achieved by students because of diji’s greater controllability and ISO accuracy.
Doubles as a portable burette.
Better student outcomes are delivered because diji is easier to use.
More progress per lesson results from fewer mistakes and errors.
More time can be spent doing practical chemistry.
Less set up and clean up time is needed because of diji’s easy clean-ability and versatility.
Contamination of suction device internal workings is not possible.
Reduced equipment breakage.
Versatility provides multiple uses in Biology, Chemistry, and data logging.


diji pipette