‘Crabee’ Ammeter

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The ‘Crabee’ DC meters with Alligator Clip Leads introduce a new concept in space-saving integrated compact digital meters. These excellent new ammeters are very small, easy to use and bring a new concept of measuring current and voltage to the classroom by in-line connection in the circuit instead of cables. Easy operation with only one button, accurate measurement by auto-calibration when switched on and auto power off function as well.

No hassle auto mode for switching range in each experiment makes measurements a breeze. Just connect to the location you want to measure for instantaneous results.

Crabee Ammeter Specifications

-Measuring range: ± 500 mA, ± 3.0 A (auto switching)
-Body size: 53 x 21 x 15 mm, cable length: approx. 60 mm
-Power supply: x1 cr1220 battery

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