Clever Catch – Multiplication *** STOCKTAKE SALE ***

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A must for every elementary Maths classroom! One of our best sellers, children can practise basic multiplication skills with this simple and fun Clever Catch® ball. A great way to revise for tests!

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The ABC Clever Catch® ball features letters with clue pictures, while the maths Clever Catch® balls feature various problems, facts and illustrations to reinforce that maths can be fun! Kids don’t mind practising maths from basic arithmetic to Algebra when they can play ball. Other topics vary from Geography to Human Anatomy! Basic play involves two or more players who toss the ball to each other and answer the question found on the ball under their left thumb. Directions are available for games and variations of play. Answers are included. Pencil and paper may be required for Geometry & Algebra Clever Catch®.