Casio Power Graphic Calculator FX-9860GIII

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The FX9860GIII calculator is a major advancement on the FX9750GII and is approved by NZQA for use at all Levels of NCEA and Scholarship Exams.

Listed below are the new features on the FX9860GIII that are not on the current model FX9750GII

The FX9860GIII features a natural textbook display making it possible to display fractions, exponents, logarithms, surds, derivatives, integrals and sigma summation just as they are written in the textbook.

USB connection now allows quick and easy O/S updates, data transfer for uploading standardized lists and screen grabs for use in worksheets. Enhanced by a faster processor and a modern design.

  • Vector calculation (products, angle, magnitude)
  • Geometry drawing
  • Spreadsheet capability
  • Python programming language
  • Examination mode
  • OS Update
  • Add-In Software Physium (Periodic Table, Fundamental Physical Constants), Probability Simulation
  • Storage memory of 3 MB is allocated to hold geometry, python, and flash files.  This is an addition to the about 61K of regular memory.


  • Arithmetic: PGCD / PPCM, Modulo
  • Calculation with fractions
  • Trigonometric functions, Deg / Rad / Grad conversion
  • Roots of a number, powers, power of 10, exponential, natural and decimal logarithms
  • Tables of values
  • Calculation of derived numbers and integrals
  • Complex numbers
  • Combinations, arrangements, factorial
  • Generation of random integers
  • Advanced financial calculation (depreciation, savings, etc.)
  • Vector Calculation

Graphic representations:

  • Simultaneous drawing of curves
  • Drawing: erasing a point (plot on / off), placing a point, zooming, drawing
  • Graphical representations: integrals, inequalities
  • Digital and graphical solver
  • Dynamic plotting of curves (animation)
  • Conics: parabola, circle, ellipse, hyperbola (pre-installed formulas for quick and easy information of the coefficients)


  • Statistics with 1 and 2 variables: standard deviation, mean, quartiles, median …
  • Regression: polynomial, exponential, sinusoidal, logistic
  • Histograms, pie charts, bar charts, box charts …
  • Advanced statistics (test, confidence interval)


  • Creation of data tables
  • Classic statistical functions
  • Regression: polynomial, exponential, sinusoidal, logistic
  • Histograms, pie charts, bar charts, box charts …
  • Classic calculations with indexed cells