Capacitor 1F, 2.5Ω, 5.5V For Use With Genecon Due

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A Large capacity condenser of 1F approx. 2.5 ohm s 5.5V which can be used in experiments involving charging and discharging. When the capacitor is charged with a Genecon DUE (Cat. 44GDUE) and the handle is released, the Genecon handle turns discharging the capacitor and after a while stops. In addition, if you connect a lamp to the capacitor after charging, the bulb will shine and then stop after a while. Using the capacitor in this way can be considered as an energy conversion experiment.

Capacity: 1F
Internal resistance: about 2.5 ohms
Maximum operating voltage: 5.5V
Size: Di ameter45mm x height 19mm
NOTE: Colour and shape may vary. Do not charge above the specified voltage.