BeeSpi V Photogate

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Measure speed and acceleration in an instant with the BeeSpi V. Traditional Ticker tape based speed experiments are noisy, hard to set up and can be inaccurate. The BeeSpi V uses advanced light gate technology to measure speed of an object and also the acceleration of an object by using multiple BeeSpiV’s in no time at all. This provides additional class time to analyze the results of the experiments, and helps the students acquire a deeper understanding. For retort stand use, see BeeSpi V Rod holder Cat. 45BSVR. Using two BeeSpi V enables students to measure acceleration as well.

Speed:0 to 999.9cm/s, 0 to 99.9m/s, 0 to 99.99km/h
Lap Time: 0 to 99.99sec
Accumulated Lap Time: 0 to 99.99sec
Power Source: Two size AAA batteries (sold separately)
Size: 60x60x50mm
Weight: 55g (excluding batteries)
Functions: Clock function, memory function for last 5 readings