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MolecModels3D Phosph. 23mm 4 Hole Tetra, Pk/10


Catalogue Number: 41MMP

MolecModels3D Phosphorus (purple) 4 Holes, 109 tetrahedral, 23mm diameter, pk/10, Interchangeable with MA-407. 
Product Details...

MolecModels3D Set Calcite (Calcium Carbonate)


Catalogue Number: 41MMCC

In Pre-assembled form. 
Product Details...

MolecModels3D Short White Link Pk/25


Catalogue Number: 41MMLS

MolecModels3D Link Short White pk/25, Interchangeable with ML-10. 
Product Details...

Molecmodels3D Starch Or Cellulose Set


Catalogue Number: 41MMBSC

Build the starch molecule or cellulose molecule. 63 Atom parts 66 NV links 1 tool (Interchangeable with Molymod) 
Product Details...

MolecModels3D Sulphur 23mm 2 Hole 105Ang, Pk/10


Catalogue Number: 41MMS2

MolecModels3D Sulphur (yellow) 2 holes, 105 angular, 23mm Diameter, pk/10, Interchangeable with MA-201. 
Product Details...

MolecModels3D Sulphur 23mm 4 Hole 109tetra, Pk/10


Catalogue Number: 41MMS4

MolecModels3D Sulphur (yellow) 4 Holes ,109 tetrahedral, 23mm Diameter, pk/10, Interchangeable with MA-403. 
Product Details...

MolecModels3D Sulphur 23mm 6 Hole Octa. Pk/10


Catalogue Number: 41MMS6

MolecModels3D Sulphur (yellow) 6 Holes, 90 octahedral, 23mm Diameter, pk/10, Interchangeable with MA-613. 
Product Details...

Short Link Remover Tool For Molecmodels


Catalogue Number: 41MMR

MolecModels3D Tool Short link remover, Interchangeable with SLRT1. 
Product Details...

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Results 21 - 28 of 28

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